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"Lito" grill bar is closed. The restaurant is closed. The Aqua Paradise Spa center operates on the territory.

The administration and staff of the HOTEL welcome you and will try to do everything to make your stayas comfortable as possible.

We want to see you among our regular guests!


  1. General Conditions

These Rules are developed in accordance with the requirements established by the Laws of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", "About Tourism", "On Entrepreneurship", as well as "Rules for using hotels and similar means of accommodation and the provision of hotel services."

Working hours - 24/7.

  • Check-in: from 14:00
  • Check out: until 12: 00 noon (estimated pay hour)


  1. Terms of accommodation

2.1 Guest accommodation in a Hotel is subject to the availability of:

  • rooms or reservation;
  • identity document;
  • prepayment of 100% for all period of stay.

2.2 Identity documents include:

  • Ukrainian passport;
  • international passport, diplomatic or service passport;
  • seafarer's identity card;
  • certificate of residence of a person living in Ukraine, but not a citizen of Ukraine;
  • national passport of a foreigner or a document that replaces it;
  • visa for the right to stay in Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by the existing bilateral agreements);
  • birth certificate of minors under the age of 16;
  • driver's license;
  • for military - personal certificate or military ID card.

2.3 When check-in, the Guest provides the receptionist with a document proving his identity and fills in the registration form. After registration of the documents for accommodation and payment of hotel services, a payment document and a room key are provided to the Guest.

2.4 When signing the registration form, the Guest agrees with accommodation conditions at the Hotel and consents to the collection, processing and utilization of his personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection".


  1. Booking conditions

3.1 Room reservation in the Hotel is carried out by sending an application to the reception and accommodation service via e-mail, phone or web site.

Confirmation of booking is directed to the Guest email address, specified during the booking process.

3.2 Booking without prepayment is non-guaranteed. In case the Guest does not indicate the exact time of arrival, the reservation will be canceled on the day of arrival at 6 p.m. local time.

3.3 Reservations are guaranteed on condition of 100% prepayment of the cost for the whole period of stay or 100% of the prepayment for the first night of stay with the subsequent payment upon arrival.

3.4 If the Guest did not use the accommodation service on the specified day of arrival and did not cancel the reservation 24 hours prior to the expected day of arrival with a guaranteed reservation with an advance payment for 1 day of stay, the prepayment for 1 day of stay is not refundable. This reservation is transferred to the “non-guaranteed” status or is canceled if the Guest did not provide the information about confirmation of his reservation.

3.5 If the Guest did not use the accommodation on the specified day of arrival for the guaranteed reservation with prepayment for the entire stay, and did not cancel the reservation 24 hours prior to the expected day of arrival, the prepayment for the 1 day stay is not refundable. This reservation is not canceled until the Guest written refusal from the reservation will be received. In the absence of written refusal from the reservation and accommodation during the paid period, the payment for each day of the Guest accommodation is not refundable.

3.6 During the high season (from May 28th, 1 to September, 13), the date changes of the stay or cancellation of the reservation without penalty is possible not later than 14 days prior to the date of arrival.

3.7 In case of secured early booking during the high season and 100% of prepayment for the entire stay, the price is fixed and does not change.

3.8. In case of secured early booking during the high season (for the promos more than 60 days prior to the date of arrival) and prepayment in the amount of the first day of stay, cancellation of the reservation, changing or rescheduling is possible no later than 30 days before the date of arrival. In case of cancellation later than this period or in case of no-show, the payment is not refunded.

3.9 In case of a confirmed reservation during the high season and a prepayment in the amount of a daily stay or any other prepayment, the Hotel reserves the right to change the rate and inform about the changes 30 days prior.


  1. Procedure and conditions of payment of the Hotel

4.1 Payment for accommodation and hotel services is provided according to the prices specified in the Price List.

4.2 Accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the estimated pay hour - 12 noon of the current day local time.

4.3 With guaranteed and non-guaranteed reservation, check out time is always 12 noon and 100% of the room rate per day is charged.

4.4 Upon arrival without prior reservation from 2 p.m. - departure is carried out at 12 noon. the next day, and payment is charged for the full day.

4.5 Extension of period of stay in the Hotel till 2 p.m. - no fee is charged.

4.6 Extension of the period of stay in the room after the first day of stay is possible for half a day minimum.

4.7 In case of early check-in (from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or late check-out (from 12 noon to 6 p.m.) 50% of the room rate is charged for 1 night stay.

4.8 For a period of stay less than one day, the fee is charged per day regardless of the time of arrival.

4.9 The administration provides the possibility of Guest staying in the Hotel only during the paid period of time. After the end of the paid period upon Guest request, accommodation could be extended but only upon room availability. This paragraph shall be notified to the Guest once the accommodation contracting (acceptance of the request or payment).

4.10 The Guest has the right to leave the Hotel earlier than it is indicated in the Guest Registration Form. To avoid penalties in this case the Guest should inform the Administrator of the Reception and Accommodation Service about his early departure, for at least 24 hours prior to the departure. In this case, the penalties are not applied, and the payment is fully reimbursed for the unlived period. If the Guest informs about his departure from the Hotel on the day of departure or less than 24 hours prior to the departure date, then the Guest will be charged a fine of the room rate per day and the only the payment for the next non-lived days will be reimbursed.

4.11 If the Guest refuses from the accommodation on the day of check-in, the full amount will be refunded if the Guest shows up at the reception front desk within the first hour after check-in and did not use the room. If the Guest did not use the room but showed up at the reception front desk to cancel the room within 1 to 2 hours after check-in, the amount paid for accommodation is refunded with a deduction of 15% of the daily room rate. In case Guest used the room or showed up at the reception desk to refuse to stay in the room later than 2 hours after check-in, payment is not the subject to be refunded for the first day of stay.

4.12 For children under 6 years of age accommodation in a room with their parents without extra bed is free.

4.13 In case of necessity, the Hotel may offer an additional place for an adult or child or a baby cot for the extra fee according to the Price List.

4.14 All supplements are paid separately. Information about supplements can be found in the “Guest folder” or at the reception front desk.

4.15 When leaving the hotel, the Guest makes the final payment for all the provided services , including additional ones, the room is checked out and Guest leaves the room key at the receptionist.

4.16 СMethods of payment:

  • cash via the hotel box office;
  • cashless to the hotel account.

4.17 The Guest pays the tourist tax. The following categories are released from tourist tax payment upon presentation of the relevant documents:

  • persons on a business trip;
  • disabled persons, disabled children and persons accompanying disabled persons of group I or children with disabilities (no more than one accompanying person);
  • war veterans;
  • participants of the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident;
  • children under 18 years

4.18 Payment for catering is made at the place of its provision.

4.19 Meals according to the ala carte menu and the restaurant menu can be ordered and paid by the Guest at the reception of the hotel.

4.20 Meals ordered to the room by the internal telephone number 2703 are paid in the room when the order is executed.


  1. Terms of Priority accommodation
  • Heroes of Ukraine and the Soviet Union;
  • full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory;
  • participants of the Great Patriotic War;
  • disabled persons of the first, second and third groups of disability , and persons accompanying them;
  • pregnant women and women with children up to 6 years.


  1. Hotel services included in the price of accommodation
  • Daily room cleaning, bed linen and towels every three day change.
  • Secure car parking.
  • Wi-Fi free.
  • Access to the outdoor pools and the sandy beach (in summer).
  • Delivery of Guests by electric car to the beach.
  • Use of sun beds and fixed umbrellas at the beach.
  • Children's animation (in summer).
  • Wake-up call at a specified time.
  • Taxi call.
  • Information about the schedule of trains and aircrafts.
  • Correspondence delivery to the room.
  • Storage of the Guest valuables in the hotel’s safety box, excluding weapons and prohibited items.
  • First aid help.
  • Ambulance call;
  • Use of a first aid kit.


  1. Hotel rules

7.1 Hotel responsibilities:

  • Provide with complete information about the Hotel services , methods and procedure for their payment, place the information in the room in the Guest Folder and in the Reception;
  • Ensure the quality of the Hotel services;
  • Quick review the requirements and complaints of the Guests;
  • Provide, upon the Guest first request a “Book of Complaints and Suggestions”, which is available at the Reception.

7.2 Guest Responsibilities:

  • Keep the room clean and tidy;
  • Keep silence;
  • Keep the fire safety rules;
  • On leaving the room, please close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights and other electrical appliances;
  • If you invited a guest to your room, Hotel receptionist should be informed A guest can stay in your room until 11 p.m or after 11 p.m. the guest either has to leave the Hotel or pay his/her accommodation;
  • If you use the room for other purposes (meeting, birthday party , video shooting, etc.), the receptionist should be notified . In this case, the price may be revised upwards;
  • In case of loss or damage to the property of the Hotel, the damage should be compensated in accordance with the applicable law. The damage amount is determined by the Price list;
  • You should leave the room upon expiration of the paid period.

In the Hotel prohibited:

  • To leave unauthorized persons in the room in the absence of a Guest;
  • To give the room key and guest card to unauthorized persons;
  • To stay in a room with pets and birds without the consent of the Administration of the Hotel;
  • To store bulky items in the room (boxes, boxes larger than 50X50 should be stored in the storage room in order to ensure room cleaning, as well as personal safety of the Guests), explosive and toxic materials, weapons. Weapons, like other valuables, should be stored in a safety box;
  • To use heating appliances, with the exception of appliances installed in the room;
  • To rearrange and move furniture without the consent of the Administration;
  • To smoke in the rooms;
  • To violate the rest of other Guests, creating noise;
  • Openly wear any type of civil legal, military weapons, even while on the official duties;
  • To park vehicles at the entrance to the Hotel;
  • To use a grill, BBQ and other appliances with open fire outside the specially equipped places;
  • To persons violating rules can be provided measures in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine including force eviction from the Hotel.


  1. Additional information

8.1 In the absence of the Guest in the room at the expiration of his\her period of stay in the Hotel from 12:00 of the current day and up to 12:00 of the next day (if the accommodation was not preliminarily extended and not paid ), the Administration has the right to create a commission and review the belongings of the property of the absent Guest and release the room. The Administration keeps in the safe box material values such as cash, precious metals, and valuable documents for free at the Reception until they are returned to the Guest.

8.2 The Guest, who has discovered the loss, shortage or damage of his belongings, immediately reports to the Reception. Otherwise, the Hotel is relieved of the responsibility for keeping things.

8.3 In case of discovering forgotten things, the Administrator immediately notifies the owner of things if the owner is known. The Hotel keeps the thing forgotten by the Guest for 3 months. Valuables, big sums of money are kept for up to 1 year.

8.4 The Administration of the Hotel is not responsible for valuables that have not been deposited at the Reception.

8.5 The Guest accepts and does not object to the fact of using video surveillance systems on the territory of the Hotel.

8.6 While resolving conflicts, the Guest and the Hotel have the right to use the Laws of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", "On Tourism", "On Entrepreneurship", as well as the "Rules for using hotels and providing hotel services."


  1. Memo for fire prevention

When leaving the room, please turn off electrical appliances (TV, electric heaters, lighting lamps, etc.);

Do not cover the lighting and heating appliances;

Smoking of tobacco products in the rooms of the Hotel is prohibited;

Do not bring flammable materials into the room.


  1. Rules of stay with pets

10.1 The Guest must inform the Receptionist in advance about the desire to stay with the pet.

10.2 In case the following below conditions are done, the Guest gets permission to stay with the pet in the Bungalow or Cottage house:

  • The weight of the pet does not exceed 3 kg;
  • The Guest has available vet papers for the pet (vet certificate with a note of all vaccinations or a vet passport of standard form);
  • Guest is familiarized with the rules of living in the hotel with pet and signed the rules;
  • Guest has paid for a pet in the room;
  • The lump-sum for pet stay and is 50% of the cost of a Bungalow or Cottage house per day. For additional disinfection and cleaning of the carpeting or damaged property of the Hotel, the Guest pays compensation. The quantum of the compensation is agreed by the Administration of the Hotel.

10.3 Obligations of a pet owner to the Hotel:

  • The guest must bring a special bedding for the pet;
  • Pets are not allowed on the bed;
  • For pets feeding Guest must have special tableware for pets;
  • To feed pets from room tableware or restaurant tableware is strictly prohibited;
  • Pets without a leash can only stay within the room where it's owner stays.

10.4 It is forbidden:

  • Free movement of pets without a leash and collar by the territory of the Hotel;
  • Pets in the restaurant, on the beach, the area around the pool and playground;
  • To use the Hotel property for cleaning and pet care;
  • To leave animals in the room unattended.

10.5 Hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement on accommodation in case:

  • violation of the rules of staying with a pet;
  • the pet behaves noisily, aggressively, inadequately, as well as on the fact of complaints from other guests of the Hotel.

10.6 Guest is fully responsible for their pets.

10.7 Hotel Administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services to Guests with pets